Everything About A Full-Grown Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

A boxer golden retriever mix is one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. It’s also among the top ten most popular dog breeds in the world, with more than 1 million purebred dogs registered.

It has been around for quite some time now, but it was not until the 1960s that it began to gain popularity as a breed. In fact, when this dog first appeared on the scene, it was considered an unusual dog breed because it is a mixture of two different breeds – the Golden Retriever and the English Bulldog.

Physical Appearance: Size and Coat

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

This dog breed has a lot of variations within its coat color. While the colors are mostly black and white, there are also browns, grays, goldens, reds, fawns, and even shades of blue and tan.  They have thick, short, medium-length, and long hair. The size of these dogs varies from 10 pounds up to 30 pounds or more depending on which part of the country they live in. Most of them weigh about 20-25 pounds at full maturity.


Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

Just like their ancestors, boxers golden retrievers need to eat a well-balanced diet. They require foods like beef, fish, poultry, eggs, and vegetables. The main problem with their diets though is the high levels of carbohydrates and calories in them. As a result, they can become overweight easily. A good way to keep boxers healthy, especially in terms of weight, is by feeding them dry kibble. 


Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

You will need to brush your dog regularly using a medium-soft bristle brush that fits your dog’s size. Make sure you use a natural shampoo to clean your dog’s hair and avoid harsh chemicals. Trimming is important since it helps maintain the dog’s hair length while keeping it looking neat and tidy. Make sure you trim your dog’s fur every 2 weeks so that the hair doesn’t grow too fast. You can also help your dog stay beautiful by brushing his teeth once a week and giving him a bath every month or so. 

Monthly expenses

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

The average cost of raising a pure bred Boxer Golden Retriever Mix is about $200 per month. Here’s a look at what each part of your dog eats every month:

Food: $100-$150 per month

Bath: $30-$40 per bath (depending on how often)

Toys: $20-$25 per month

Shampoo: $5 per month

Flea treatment: $10-$15 per month (depending on whether or not your dog needs flea control products)

Vaccinations: $15-$50 per year (depending on which vaccines are being used)

Shedding products: $15-$20 per month

Grooming: $60-$70 per month

Litter: $30-$35 per month (depending on how large of a litter)

Spay/neuter surgery: $400-$700 (if necessary)

Veterinary care: $200-$500 per year (depending on vet visits and any special treatments)

Personality and temperament

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

This particular breed of dog is known for its friendly personality. The breed loves being socialized and they make excellent companions. They are very affectionate towards anyone who approaches them, and their personalities easily adapt to new environments. They have a lot of energy and this makes them playful. They tend to be stubborn and independent at times.

They have excellent temperaments and tend to get along well with people even if they do not know each other personally. Although they are social animals, they don’t require much in terms of exercise, which makes them ideal for homes without large yards or lots of space.


Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

The main health issues include hip dysplasia, cataracts, heart disease, skin problems, allergies, and epilepsy. Because of their large size and weight, they can be prone to developing certain conditions, such as arthritis or obesity, which can lead to other conditions down the road, including cancer. 

Training And Exercise

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

When you buy this breed, make sure that he or she receives proper training and exercise. A well-behaved puppy will grow up into a well-behaved adult. If you have a puppy from a breeder, you must start training them now so that he or she learns the right way to behave properly.

You should also make sure that your puppy gets enough physical activity every day. He or she should be able to run and play outside without being exhausted. Remember that this is a very energetic breed, so you should give him or her at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. 

Life expectancy

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

The average life expectancy for both males and females is between 12-14 years old. This means that, if you have a female full-grown boxer golden retriever mix, she will live between 12 and 14 years. However, if you have a male full-grown boxer golden retriever mix, he may live up to 16 years or longer.


Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

There are no specific physical traits that differ between males and females. Both have similar coat colors and body structures. Males and females both weigh about 50 lbs with an average height of 24 inches for males and 26 inches for females. They are both very active dogs as they love to run and play. Their long legs allow them to travel a lot faster than other dogs.

Cost of buying a new puppy

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

In general, the prices can range anywhere from $400 up to $800 depending on the specific breed, age, and health status. A healthy puppy will usually cost you between $550 and $750. An older, sickly puppy might be priced at about $750 while a puppy born with congenital defects or other medical issues can be expensive. 


Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

The breeding process of the full-grown boxer golden retriever mix is quite simple. First, a breeder will select a male golden retriever from his litter. He will then mate him with any female golden retriever he can get his hands on. Then, if she mates successfully, her puppies will be given to a breeder who will raise them up.

Puppies will then go through the same process of selection. The breeder will choose whether or not to keep each pup based on its health, temperament, looks, etc. Once all the puppies are selected, they will then be sold to someone who wants to raise them up into a loving family pets.

Pros and Cons

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix
  • They don’t get along well with small children or other animals
  • They can be sensitive to loud noises
  • They require high maintenance, especially if you live in a house with a lot of stairs
  • Some of them have allergies
  • They need regular grooming
  • They might be too aggressive toward strangers
  • They have a tendency to shed hair
  • They bark a lot since they were bred to hunt and retrieve
  • Their coats tend to become dry and brittle over time
  • They can suffer from hip dysplasia


  • They make great family pets
  • They are loyal to their families
  • They aren’t shy at all
  • They are good with kids
  • They don’t shed much hair
  • They don’t bark a lot
  • They are very smart
  • They have few allergies
  • They are easy to train
  • They are generally pretty healthy
  • They do not shed hair often
  • Their coats are thick and luxurious
  • They are a good watchdog

This particular dog breed is known by several other names, such as the full-grown boxer golden retriever, full-grown boxer, and golden retriever-bulldog crossbreed. They are also extremely smart, which means they are well-suited for training and obedience classes. They can be trained to do many things, including retrieving, digging, herding, and guarding. Another thing you might want to consider before bringing home your new pup is whether he or she is a good fit with other pets in the house. 


Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

In this article, we have gone over the history of this very interesting dog breed, along with all of its characteristics, health issues, and many other things you need to know about them.


Can I get a full-grown boxer golden retriever mix?

Yes! You can buy a full-grown boxer golden retriever mix from any reputable breeder. However, you will need to be ready to pay at least $500 to $800 for your puppy depending on where he or she lives.

Is this breed more prone to hip dysplasia?

This is a relatively new health problem that affects many dog breeds. While some breeds seem to be more prone to it than others, there is no definitive proof that the full-grown boxer golden retriever mix is at greater risk of having hip dysplasia.

Should I worry about my dog getting sunburned while outside during the summer months?

Yes, definitely! The truth is that this dog breed is very sensitive to sunlight, so be sure to protect him or her at all times.

How do I clean the coat of this dog breed?

When it comes to cleaning the coat of this breed, you should use natural remedies whenever possible, such as baking soda or vinegar. You can also apply petroleum jelly sparingly to their coats after bathing them.

Boxer Golden Retriever Mix