Training For Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The first step in training your golden retriever is to understand the purpose of their training. A dog’s owner should know that a golden retrievers purpose is to be a loyal companion, and it should possess strong obedience skills.

To do this job properly, they need to learn how to obey commands from you, as well as be able to perform certain tasks on command. They may also know several other things, such as sit, stay, down, come, fetch, heel, wait, and stand. This article will help you teach your golden retriever all these important commands.

You can start by teaching your dog basic obedience commands that he has to know so that you don’t have to always repeat yourself when you want him to do something for you. However, if he already knows them, then you can move on to more advanced commands.

Golden Retriever

It’s important to note here that there are different types of commands you can use. Some of these commands are called “social commands” because they involve interacting with another person or animal. These include come, heel, and wait. Other commands are known as “fetching commands” because they involve retrieving an object from one place to another. These include fetch, drop it, and bring it back.

If you are going to train your dog using social commands, then you might want to consider doing some obedience training before you start. It’s best to work on these social commands if your dog already knows what to do with them. It will make the process easier and faster once you get into the more difficult fetching commands.

Teaching Your Dog To Come

Golden Retriever

When training your dog to come, you can use any kind of command whether it’s verbal or non-verbal. The verbal command is usually used when you’re around other people who might not be able to communicate verbally, like children, or older people. In this case, you have to make sure that your dog understands what you mean when you call out his name or say “come”.

The non-verbal command works perfectly fine too. You just need to position yourself at a location where your dog can see you and give him that cue. Once he sees you, he should quickly take off after you.

Teaching Your Dog To Sit

Golden Retriever

Sit is one of the most common commands you might find in every dog trainer book. There are many ways you can teach your dog to sit, but the easiest way to do it is to take him outside whenever you need him to sit. You can do this even when you’re in the car, since your dog will naturally want to go wherever you’re going. You will have to keep repeating the same instruction over and over until your dog gets used to it.

Another great trick for teaching your dog to sit is to put a treat inside a plastic container. When your dog goes up to the container, you can have him hold it while you open it and let him eat the treats inside. Make sure to close the container right away so he doesn’t lose the food.

Teaching Your Dog To Stay

Golden Retriever

There are two main ways to teach your dog to stay. One is through a leash and collar, which you can use when you’re walking him. This method involves making eye contact with your dog and telling him to stay. If he does, then you can release his leash; otherwise, you have to continue holding onto it.

The second method for staying involves taking your dog somewhere without letting him go anywhere. While you’re doing this, you have to tell him to stay until you let him go. This is a good technique for training your dog to stay in its own yard.

Teaching Your Dog To Down

Golden Retriever

Down is a very useful command for your golden retriever. It lets your dog know that he should lie down whenever you ask him to. As long as he stays down, he won’t have to go anywhere or do anything else. Of course, you still have to make sure he doesn’t jump up again before you’ve had enough time to finish whatever you were doing. And if he doesn’t listen to you while you’re giving him a down command, then you will have to continue saying it until he finally obeys you.

Teaching Your Dog To Fetch

Golden Retriever

Fetching is basically the act of bringing something back to you. This is why it’s often referred to as retrieval. The basic idea behind fetching is to teach your dog to return something that it finds to you. You can use any kind of object to practice fetching, including toys, bones, sticks, balls, or even empty cans. It’s best to use objects that aren’t easily breakable or dangerous so that you won’t hurt your dog while trying to retrieve it.

Teaching Your Dog To Wait

Golden Retriever

Waiting is another important command to know about if you want to train your dog properly. Waiting teaches dogs to remain calm and quiet whenever they hear a voice or see somebody coming towards them. This means that they won’t bark or growl unless someone is actually hurting them. Waiting also makes it easy for them to avoid getting startled by loud noises, like thunderstorms.

In order to teach your dog to wait, you will have to give her a command that tells her that she should stop moving at that moment. Then, when you’re ready to let her go, you will have to give her a signal to let her know that it’s okay to run away or play.

Teaching Your Dog To Stand

Golden Retriever

Stand is another command that you should know about. Standing helps prevent your dog from having problems with their joints or hips. This means that they won’t suffer from arthritis later on in life. It also prevents your dog from suffering from osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.